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By Daniel Aghion

MetroVideoMonitor, a new source for better managed and safer communities More

Why is Governance of CCTV Technology an Issue?
By Donald Zoufal

As concerns of terror have spread across the United States and around the world, law enforcement agencies are rapidly moving to utilize a range of technologies including CCTV to achieve greater awareness and security. At the same time, government is utilizing emerging CCTV technology for a range of other legitimate government activities like ordinary crime control, traffic management and enforcement, crowd control, directing emergency response assets, and situational awareness in controlling large scale emergency response. More

FCC rule changes boost wireless video surveillance
By Robert Primosch

Due to recent rule changes by the FCC, public safety wireless broadband networks that use fixed links for video surveillance now have clearer and stronger interference protection rights in the 4940-4990 MHz (4.9 GHz) band. More

Funding for Video Security Expanded by Stimulus
By Michael Paddock

Video surveillance has been a feature of public safety since before VHS, and as the technology continues to grow and become more connected to other functions, from gunshot recognition to building energy monitoring systems, funding for this basic form of security also gets more complicated. The good news is that even before the Recovery Act was signed into law, there was already a good amount of funding for video security.  More

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» Missouri City (TX) approves intelligent transportation system
» Colorado Seeking Ideas for Shared Services From Private Sector
» Intelligent Transportation Projects Get Stimulus Funding


Published electronically every Thursday, the MetroVideoMonitor Report (The Report) explores the issues surrounding the planning and implementation of videosurveillance infrastructures, applications and services in cities, communities and regions. The Report features commentaries and interviews with CIOs, field practitioners, industry experts, and local-government users leaders, as well as a dozen independent bloggers. It includes data bases on leading case studies and headlines. 

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