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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Chinese municipality to invest in 200,000 CCTV cameras
Some 200,000 new video surveillance cameras are to be installed in the Chinese municipality of Chongqing between now and 2014, officials have confirmed. According to the New York Times, the municipal government is to spend $781.6 million (£487.1 million) on an upgraded CCTV system. Politicians claim that "310,000 digital eyes are still not enough" and further investment is needed to help tackle crime.
From WaveStore, March 11, 2011

NASA Building Network of Smart Cameras Across the US
A major government agency is looking to blanket the US with cameras that will never stop their surveillance. But don’t worry privacy pundits, those cameras will be spying on the sky, not civilians. NASA’s All-sky Fireball Network is a series of cameras that track meteorites as they enter the atmosphere.
From Singularity Hub, March 11, 2011

Australie: Fed Govt partners with NEC on R&D
The Federal Government has teamed up with IT services provider NEC to collaborate on technology advancements to address challenges in health and aged care delivery and urban transportation. The partnership, signed by the Department for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE), will involve collaboration on advanced robotics for aged care and intelligent transport systems to address traffic congestion in major cities.
From TechWorld, March 11, 2011

MPs support video surveillance in the UK
Video surveillance systems received support from MPs during the second reading of the Protection of Freedoms Bill in the House of Commons last week. A number of politicians spoke out in favour of CCTV and the benefits that video surveillance has in deterring crime and providing evidence in investigations.
From WaveStore, March 07, 2011

Ohio abandons plans for security camera network
The administration of Ohio's governor is shelving plans for a network that would have linked thousands of cameras to monitor roads, schools and private businesses in an effort to provide more eyes in emergencies. Footage from the cameras would have been accessible by police, firefighters and other authorized officials to get a quick view of what's going on during disasters such as tornadoes or flooding.
From Security InfoWatch, March 07, 2011

Addressing the natural human limits of monitoring multiple video feeds
Video analytics software 'watches' the feed from a camera or the playback from a recorder, and flags instances when certain patterns have changed in a way preset by the operator
From Police One, February 24, 2011

Casinos install new surveillance systems
New video surveillance systems are being installed in two Las Vegas casinos to help identify unusual patterns of behaviour and potential incidents of fraud. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, high definition surveillance equipment has been fitted at the Golden Gate casino to replace an old analogue system. Co-owner Greg Stevens said the new technology provides four times the resolution of a typical camera and it also more energy efficient.
From WaveStore, February 24, 2011

Sandy Springs, Ga. implements city-wide surveillance system
The city of Sandy Springs, Ga., recently decided to deploy a new city-wide surveillance system with the help of systems integrator Iron Sky. According to a statement, Iron Sky will use Google Maps to develop a software platform that allows the system’s users to view any camera at any location in the city. Users will also be able to access live and recorded video footage and control pan/tilt/zoom cameras with the touch of a mouse.
From Security InfoWatch, February 24, 2011

FCC Endorses 4G Wireless Standard
Recently the FCC endorsed long term evolution (LTE) as the required standard for any government participating in the budding nationwide interoperable public safety wireless network. In 2007, the FCC issued a single license for all public safety agencies to jointly operate such a network within 12 MHz of spectrum in the upper 700 MHz band.
From Government Technology, February 24, 2011

Report: IP not set to takeover analog just yet
According to an analyst briefing held Tuesday by market research firm Frost & Sullivan, analog-based surveillance systems will not going away anytime soon despite the benefits of IP technology. Frost & Sullivan recently conducted interviews with over 400 key decision makers in four vertical markets within Europe including retail, mass transit, critical infrastructure and commercial buildings and found that the huge legacy analog infrastructure in the region is hindering migration to IP-based solutions. According to the survey, 66 percent of respondents indicated that their organization uses a hybrid combination of IP and analog security solutions. In addition, 19 percent said that their entire systems were analog-based while 14 percent said that their surveillance systems included all IP technology.
From Security InfoWatch, February 22, 2011

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