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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Legacy kit and lack of skills hold back digital video surveillance
A huge legacy investment in analogue equipment and a lack of data integration skills are holding back more widespread adoption of fully digital video surveillance systems, according to research just published (by Frost & Sulliivan).
From Computer Weekly, February 22, 2011

Months-long project to upgrade Las Vegas Strip traffic signals begins
Motorists on the Las Vegas Strip will have extra obstacles to avoid over the next few months as crews work to improve traffic signals on Las Vegas Boulevard. The traffic signal project will close some lanes on Las Vegas Boulevard in both directions from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. Mondays through Fridays beginning Tuesday and continuing into the summer, the Regional Transportation Commission said.
From Las Vegas Sun, February 21, 2011

Axis sees future business growth in Asia
Axis Communications, a Swedish-based information technology company, sees Malaysia as one of the countries in Asia that have the potential for network video solutions business. A global market leader in network cameras, Axis expects the business, particularly network video surveillance equipment, in Malaysia to reach US$96.1mil in 2014 from US$32mil last year.
From The Malaysia Star, February 17, 2011

DHS seeks up to $1.5 billion in covert audio and video surveillance gear
DHS intends to procure as much as $1.5 billion worth of covert audio and video surveillance equipment during the next five years to support investigative work by its own components and those of other federal agencies.
From Government Security News, February 17, 2011

Atlanta video hub will tap city's security cameras
This spring, the Atlanta Police Department will open a video integration center designed to compile and analyze footage from thousands of public and private security cameras throughout the city. Images from as many as 500 cameras in downtown and Midtown are expected to be flowing into the center by mid-summer. Several metro Atlanta police agencies use cameras to bolster public safety, but the city's new venture, which will integrate data supplied by private entities such as CNN, America's Mart and Midtown Blue as well as public agencies such as the Federal Reserve, MARTA and the Georgia Department of Transportation, represents a whole new level of electronic surveillance.
From Police One, February 16, 2011

National Public Safety Broadband Network Eyed — Again
Connecting the nation’s public safety agencies via an interoperable wireless system may seem like a fairly basic proposition, especially for a nation as technologically advanced as the U.S. But for more than a decade, a national system has proved unattainable — the effort has stalled time and again in Congress.
From Government Technology News, February 16, 2011

Dallas School District outfits vehicles with new audio/video surveillance
In an effort to crack down on bad behavior and help ensure the safety of students and drivers, Dallas School District officials have placed high-tech cameras in the school buses. So far, the audio/video surveillance seems to be working. "I would say we've seen a significant decrease in complaints," Business Manager Grant Palfey said. "Kids are certainly behaving better on their buses, so I do think it has an impact that matters."
From Citizens Voice.com, February 14, 2011

Atlanta police to multiply eyes, ears citywide
Someday very soon, if you stroll through Piedmont Park, travel the Downtown Connector, hit one of the bars or restaurants in Midtown or visit the Georgia Dome or the Philips Arena, you’ll have an invisible companion: the Atlanta Police Department. This spring, the department will open a video integration center designed to compile and analyze footage from thousands of public and private security cameras throughout the city.
From Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 14, 2011

Government proposes CCTV code of practice
Video surveillance systems and CCTV monitoring may be subject to new guidance if the government's Protection of Freedoms Bill is passed. Contained in the bill are measures to regulate the use of CCTV systems by drawing up a code of practice. The code would contain guidance about the development of surveillance camera systems and the use or processing of images and information obtained by virtue. It would also contain provisions on the types of systems used, the technical standards for these systems and their location
From WaveStore, February 14, 2011

Obama Outlines Vision for Broadband Expansion, Public Safety Network
In a speech in Marquette, Mich., last week, President Obama laid out a detailed vision of his Administration’s proposal to bring high-speed wireless broadband access to 98 percent of Americans by leveraging underutilized radio spectrum and the build out of a nationwide interoperable public safety communications network. Equating it to the Transcontinental Railroad, Franklin Roosevelt’s Rural Electrification Administration and the Interstate Highway System, Obama said that by creating the network, “We’ll accelerate breakthroughs in health, education and transportation; and deploy a new nationwide, interoperable wireless network for first responders — making sure they have the funding and the frequencies that they were promised and that they need to keep us safe. And by selling private companies the rights to these airwaves, we won’t just encourage private investment and expand wireless access; we’ll actually bring in revenues that lower our deficits.”
From National League of Cities, February 14, 2011

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