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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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TrafficLand Provides Live Traffic Video for EnRoute Public Safety Software
TrafficLand®, the largest authorized aggregator of live traffic video in the U.S., has completed a licensing agreement to provide live traffic video from its national network to EnRoute Emergency Systems for integration into its Computer-Aided Dispatch software used by first responders, highway agencies and others.
From KansasCity.com, October 12, 2010

Huge ASIS convention to draw more than 20,000 to Dallas Oct. 12-15
ASIS International’s 56th Annual Seminar and Exhibits, one of the premier events for security practitioners worldwide, will be held at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX, Oct. 12-15. Hosted by ASIS International, the largest organization in the world for security management professionals, ASIS 2010 is a key destination for those seeking security solutions, says ASIS in a press release it issued earlier this month.
From Government Security News, October 09, 2010

Myrtle Beach International Airport chooses AMAG Technology and OnSSI to secure airport
Myrtle Beach International Airport, a full-service airport that serves over 1.5 million travelers each year, has chosen AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Enterprise Security Management System and intelligent field hardware, integrated with OnSSI’s NetDVMS video management system. Myrtle Beach International Airport is one of the first airports in the southeastern U.S. to install an all-digital security system.
From Government Security News, October 07, 2010

Pennsylvania awards video platform contract to Integrated Microwave Technologies
ntegrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a business unit within the Vitec Group, has won an order from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a microwave video platform. The commonwealth’s office of administration, public safety radio has issued a purchase order applying funding from the federal Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) grant program to IMT, which will supply a state-wide, long-range microwave video platform for the state’s airborne emergency response systems, as well as its incident command and control stations.
From Government Security News, October 07, 2010

Integrators’ Limited Knowledge of Wireless Video Surveillance Limits Market Growth
The levels of knowledge and skill of security systems integrators is limiting the growth of the wireless video surveillance market, says a new report from IMS Research, a supplier of market research on a range of global electronics markets. Most integrators and installers of video surveillance equipment use wireless technology as a last resort and are much more comfortable with wired networking, the report says. Yet, despite the issue of integrators having limited knowledge and skill sets about wireless technology, the American market for those products is expected to grow 20 percent, and has the potential to grow even faster, the report says.
From Government Video, October 07, 2010

New report says ‘smart technology’ can improve congestion, save money
A new report from four transportation organizations says existing and emerging technologies can squeeze more capacity from over-burdened highways, help commuters avoid traffic delays and expand and improve transportation options, all while saving money and creating jobs.
From The Trucker, October 07, 2010

MA Highway goes high tech: Cameras and electronic signs installed along I-91
There is more to the construction on Interstate 91 than what’s on the surface. Fiber optic cables have been installed under 58 miles of the highway, from Northampton to Connecticut, feeding data across Massachusetts. Richard Nangle of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation said it is part of the Interstate 91 Intelligent Transportation System Design Build Project.
From WWLP.com, October 06, 2010

Seattle CTO Bill Schrier Discusses Long Term Evolution Wireless
Seattle CTO Bill Schrier plans to deploy Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless functionality throughout the city, which will give law enforcement higher priority for mobile communications traffic. Schrier expects the network to give public safety professionals more reliable communications and possibly reduce hardware costs. Schrier has served under multiple Seattle mayors as CTO and manages the Seattle Department of Information Technology. He has long been a passionate advocate of expanding municipal fiber networks.
From Government Technology News, October 06, 2010

Sound deployments for IP Security Systems
This is the third article in a three-part series about considering best practices for deploying IP security systems. The discussion is about the wider scope of best practices for deploying physical security technology on enterprise networks. Such practices are needed because many security devices and systems were designed on the assumption that the equipment would be deployed on a completely independent security network rather than in an enterprise network environment. The authors have formed the Bp.IP Initiative to advance best practices for deploying IP-based security systems in enterprise network environments, including practices that compensate or work around the network-related shortcomings of security products currently available.
From Security InfoWatch, October 01, 2010

Colo. Plans 1st Medical Marijuana Tracking System
Colorado is proposing a first-in-the-nation system to track medical marijuana "from seed to sell," a state spokeswoman said. State regulators propose a network of video surveillance systems where agents can remotely monitor medical pot farms, patient purchases, even the baking of marijuana brownies, said Julie Postlethwait, spokeswoman for the state Department of Revenue's new Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division.
From The Denver Channel, September 29, 2010

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