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Phil Belanger: Aligning Infrastructure and Applications

Phil Belanger

Wireless Veteran Phil Belanger is co-principal at Novarum, a strategic consulting firm assessing the performance of citywide wireless networks.


James Farstad: Value-Added Networks

James FarstadJames Farstad is president of rClient in Minneapolis and is the city's principal consultant on its broadband wireless implementation. 



Ryan McCaigue: Municipal Wireless Architecture

Rayn McCaigueRyan McCaigue is president of Ivy League Consulting. He and his team have engineered, deployed and managed some of the largest  wireless networks in the US, including metro WiFi mesh networks in Tempe (AZ), Framingham (MA) and Anaheim (CA)


Michael Paddock: Funding and Grants

Michael PaddockMichael Paddock has been involved in grands development since 1993. In that time, he has consulted with hundreds of state and local governements, not-for-profits organizations and private corporations around the United States.

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Robert Primosch: Regulatory Landscape
Robert PrimoschRobert Primosch is a partner with the telecommunications law firm of Wilkinson Barker & Knauer LLP in Washington DC and a close follower of federal regulatory matters.
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Sonja Reece: Community Issues

Sonja ReeceSonja Reece is a council member and mayor pro-term of Normal (IL). She is active with the National League of Cities (NLC).


Donald Zoufal: Privacy and Civil Liberties
Donald ZoufalDonald Zoufal, Industry Executive for Safety and Security at SDI, has over 25 years of experience and expertise in Homeland Security and Emergency Planning/Operations, security operations, law enforcement, risk management and international affairs.

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Produced by this blog space provides in-depth editorial perspective on wireless government trends.

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