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One of the main challenges faced by agencies to deploy a comprehensive video surveillance and security system is the assessment of the actual needs. Several organizations offer advice on the steps to take to have a complete review of present and future options.

They include:

1 - A full statement of presently available systems and of the services they provide for the agencies and the communities.

2 - An evaluation of evolving needs by each and every agency and department involved in law enforcement, security, public safety and emergency response.

3 - A consensus building systemic process, that gathers information from all agencies and departments, making sure of the compatibility of those needs to implement a system with full interoperability. Consensus is also a major step in ensuring the support of the community.

4 - Establish a rigourous procurement process and schedule that will allow full control of the implementation.

4 - An evaluation of budget needed, and the identification of local funding sources, with further information about local, state and federal funding sources, as well a private organizations and corporations committed to public safety.


MetroVideoMonitor offers these examples of guidebooks and advice:


From the Federal Communications Commission "Understanding Wireless Communications in Public Safety", a Guidebook to Technology, Issues, Planning and Management. Though mostly oriented towards radiocommunications systems, this guide has a very useful step by step format. Click here to download the pdf.


From Government Technology News: "Public Safety: a Guidebook for Government" . This white paper, sponsored by A.T.& T., provides information on three key areas: Homeland Security, Continuity of Operations, Community Protection. Please click on the following link to download the pdf:


From IBM Corporation: "Networked Video: More Effective Information for Public Safety"

This presentation at the W2i Digital Cities Convention, Public Safety Surveillance Workshop, presents the multiple applications of networked video surveillance. Click here to download the presentation.


From CSO online:"The CCTV Project Planner" . CCTV implementations face a lack of product standardization, a confusing bidding process, and a limiting market structure. Here is expert guidance on critical considerations about bandwidth, frame rate, image quality and more (Jason Cowling, March 19, 2009) - For the complete article, please click here .


From Continuity Central: "The need for clustered storage in large scale video surveillance deployments". As organizations’ video surveillance requirements become more complex, storage requirements increase. The digital video surveillance market has some unique requirements, and a new form of clustered storage offers benefits that are especially helpful when upgrading from small-scale recording environments to large-scale surveillance systems that support thousands of cameras and petabytes of storage.  Lee Caswell, founder of Pivot3, analyses the market (June 24, 2009). For the complete article, click here .


From ASIS: "Digital Video Surveillance and Security", by Anthony C. Caputo.  This book provides all you need to know about digital video security and more, furnishing a detailed study of digital video monitoring. The market’s growth and dynamism makes this text a relevant and welcome one for security professionals. For more information and to purchase, go to


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