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Video surveillance networks involve a number of various providers, hardware and software, and it is a challenge to make sure that procurement steps are proceeding at the required pace.  The multiplicity of elements can create confusion and schedule headaches.

In this section, MetroVideoMonitor will identify manufacturers, technologies and processes that can help procurement to proceed more smoothly.


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VMS: How to Manage Surveillance
VideoVideo management software helps with efficient monitoring, transmission and storage of IP surveillance video. Here's how to evaluate, purchase and implement VMS.
By Mary Brandel, May 12, 2009



Firetide IVS-100

Streamlining procurement of video monitoring solutions has been identified by MetroVideoMonitor’s audience as one of the primary areas for potential improvement. The Firetide IVS-100 directly addresses this industry challenge and deserves much kudo’s.

 Firetide’s introduction at ISC West of a new integrated enclosure, while not directly related to its core competency of providing video surveillance wireless transmission solutions, nevertheless represents a major improvement in addressing the complexities of video monitoring solution procurement.

The product is a dramatic departure from mostly custom made, bent metal, kludgy enclosures that have traditionally been used to house a disparate assembly of components necessary to poll-mounting video monitoring solutions.

Having all the necessary attachments for power, connectivity, storage etc… it can be ordered pre-configured with a large variety of options for each component, dramatically reducing installation time and opportunities for procurement mistakes.


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