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Lessons Learned from Wireless Video Monitoring for Dynamic Traffic Light Synchronization as part of Operation GreenLight in Lenexa (KS)

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The City of Lenexa is a growing community in Johnson County, Kansas, part of the greater Kansas City Metro area. Lenexa is host to many high tech companies and for many years, Lenexa has been a municipal leader in Internet access, E-Government applications, high-speed private network (ADSL) connectivity for key city employees and more. Additionally, Lenexa has also won numerous awards for its avant-garde deployment of technology and has often been used as a role model for other communities. The city of Lenexa was the first to go live with the OGL (Operation Green Light) project, a 19-city, multi-agency collaborative project of Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) established to improve the coordination of traffic signals on major routes throughout the neighboring states of Kansas and Missouri.

Deployed using Alvarion’s broadband wireless solutions over the 4.9 GHz public safety band, this landmark project has provided unprecedented results in  streamlining traffic, reducing idle time spent by drivers in their vehicles and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the area. Much was learned in the process which will be discussed in this one time webinar.
In this 60-minute webinar produced by W2i, Reggie Chandra, President of Rhythm Engineering, former Network Control Manager for Operation GreenLight at Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), Raymond Webb, Network Control Manager at MARC and Steve Schooley,Transportation Manager for the City of Lenexa will be joined by Dan Carr, President of ETI, the systems integrator that deployed the system. They will present the results of this project and discuss the lessons learned:

  • Presentation of the key results and metrics of the project
  • What were the key challenges in delivering this project?
  • Besides dynamically synchronizing traffic lights what other government applications were enabled by the deployment of this network?
  • What are the tangible benefits derived from deploying such applications?
  • What are the unique challenges Alvarion and ETI had to meet met in order to deliver is project

Avi Shabtay, General Manager of the Private & Alternative Networks Line of Business from Alvarion Ltd., will conclude and provide a typology of video monitoring applications and how they benefit from wireless communications.
Take a look at a recent report describing some of the highlights of the Lenexa deployment.

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Who Should Participate?

  • State and local government CIOs, telecom managers, network managers, transportation managers, video surveillance project managers.
  • State and local government emergency response, public safety and other agency managers
  • State and local government departments of public transportation CIOs, telecom and network managers
  • Broadband wireless and related applications systems integrators, consultants, service providers, infrastructure technology and application vendor business development and systems engineering managers

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Lessons Learned from Wireless Video Monitoring for Dynamic Traffic Light Synchronization as part of Operation GreenLight in Lenexa (KS)
Download White Paper: Operation Green Light, Lenexa KS: an update from Alvarion

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