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MetroVideoMonitor will focus on delivering practical resources for users to:

  • Successfully manage the increasingly complex funding mechanism of large projects
  • Identify and promote good practices in comprehensive project procurement
  • Leverage interoperability opportunities  in accessing diverse video systems and applications
  • Foster community acceptance; understand and address related privacy issues
While MetroVideoMonitor will cover technology by providing a dynamic selection of hot new products and solutions in its Advanced Technology Section, the highlights of the site will address opportunities to boost market growth and efficiency by promoting a searchable Case Study Database, a comprehensive White Paper  Library, an extensive News Headlines Archives, a whole section dedicated to sharing of good practices, industry thought leaders’ periodical blogs and much, much more…..


MetroVideoMonitor will also publish a bi-weekly newsletter featuring, in addition to current headlines, blogs and regular columns from industry thought-leaders such as Steve Surfaro from Axis, Steve Hunt from Hunt Business Intelligence or Michael Paddock from the Grants Office. We’ll be carefully monitoring the many opportunities resulting from the US Stimulus Plan.

Free White Papers