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W2i Management Team

Management Team

Axel Leblois , Co-Founder, President, LLC
While serving as President of LLC and overseeing its activities, Axel Leblois has personally led several programs developed by in partnership with the United Nations: the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ict), a flagship partnership initiative of GAID , the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development. Most recently, he also established CIFAL Atlanta, a capacity building center for public officials across the Americas and an affiliate of UNITAR, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in partnership with the City of Atlanta.
Prior to founding W2i , Axel Leblois has spent most of his professional career at the helm of technology firms, including as CEO of ExecuTrain, President and CEO of Bull HN Information Systems, CEO of IDC, International Data Corporation and President of Computerworld Communications. He also served as a Director of Wang Laboratories, International Data Group, Peritus Software, ExecuTrain and PSI Data Systems. He is President since 1995 of World Times, Inc.’s main shareholder and an affiliate of International Data Group. 

Daniel Aghion , Executive Director, Co-Founder
Daniel Aghion established as the leading thought leadership platform on applications of broadband wireless for local government. During that period Daniel Aghion was instrumental in developing strong relationships with international organizations such as the United Nations ICT Task Force (preceding organization to the Global Alliance for ICR for Development)and the UNITAR, resulting in: programs raising awareness of opportunities presented by the Wireless Internet in developing countries, the establishment of CIFAL Atlanta a joint initiative between  the UNITAR and the City of Atlanta focused on capacity building center for public officials across the Americas and the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information& Communications Technologies (G3ict), a flagship initiative of GAID.
Daniel Aghion has a broad international technology sales, business development, marketing and general-management background, having successively served as Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, with GlobeID, a large-scale Internet Payment Systems provider; Vice President, International IDE/Aranex, a network systems provider; Vice President, Marketing, SoftNet, an enterprise software applications vendor. Daniel worked eight years with Digital Communications Associates (DCA), a network-to-mainframe connectivity vendor, successively serving in various channel-management positions and as Director of Marketing. Before joining DCA, he was the founder and Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, of Micro Connection International, a European networking product distributor. Daniel began his career as a publisher in the business-publishing field.

Christine Forget-Leblois, Web Producer and Editor
As a journalist, Christine Forget-Leblois covered high technology and telecommunications companies for the French trade and general press. Since moving to the United States, she has been closely involved with the launching of the Wireless Internet Institute, and is presently managing web production and editorial content of MetroVideoMonitor.

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