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Awareness Raising & Lead Generation Programs

MetroVideoMonitor has developed a comprehensive advertising services rate card along with special launch cost effective lead generation and thought-leadership sponsorship programs to help video monitoring systems and application vendors, systems integrators, Vars and consultants reach its highly qualified community of project champions and decision makers by leveraging its field proven, interactive web site platform.

Advertising Rate Card

The rate card is designed to provide advertisers a la carte marketing communications services establish a leadership presence and generate highly qualified leads through banner advertising, white paper postings and webinars leveraging the web-site and newsletter.

Site Launch Lead Generation Trial
FREE lead generation campaign open to all vendors interested in government and public venue video surveillance market including but not limited to:
* Cameras
* Transmission
* Command and control systems
* Analytics
* Systems integrators, Vars and consultants
* Video Surveillance Service providers
2009 Founding Sponsor Thought Leadership Program

The Founding Sponsor Thought Leadership Program is designed for Founding Sponsors who wish to project their thought leadership throughout the video monitoring industry:
* Join the MetroVideoMonitor Editorial Committee
* Enjoy unlimited blogging privileges
* Shape MetroVideoMonitor quarterly surveys

2009 Founding Sponsor Lead Generation Program

The Founding Sponsor Lead Generation Program is designed for Founding Sponsors who wish to supplement their thought leadership efforts with a cost effective, highly qualified lead generation program:

1. Become active participants in MetroVideoMonitor’s unique thought leadership activities by:
* Joining MetroVideoMonitor’s Editorial Committee
* Enjoying unlimited blogging privileges on MetroVideoMonitor’s blog section
* Shaping quarterly market surveys
2. Benefit from a comprehensive, highly qualified lead generation program encompassing run of site and newsletter advertising, white paper posting and webinars.

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